Stand Out!

Here at Deco Haus, we're all about celebrating the original! We love how vintage fashion makes us girls stand out from the fashion crowd and exude individual style. These days, in a world of mass produced clothing, it can be very easy to fall into the trap of buying clothes at discounted prices just because they are ‘bargains’.

However, then you fall on a double-edged sword, if you will!  First, EVERYONE has the same clothes…you end up looking a like a fashion victim and some sort of uninspired clone  :(  Secondly your closet fills up with poorly made merchandise that loses it's appeal after the first wash.

Not good.

Now, I know times can be tight and some trendy stores do amazing copies of what stops us in our tracks on the runway. But keep in mind ladies, it is not the real deal, it is simply just that…a copy.  Shiver…who on earth with their fashion head held high wants to be known as a copycat…no way!

Vintage style is where it’s at, and no one does it better than Deco Haus. Beautiful, original and most importantly one-of-a-kind pieces that will transport your wardrobe from the everyday to the sublime!  So come on in and take a look at just some of the works of art that are ready for you to snap up right now…

Here are three of the best.

The Brigitte Dress.

Gorgeous for those lazy summer days. Plus there is nothing to stop you from mixing old and new. This would look so cute topped with a denim jacket!


The Beaded Evening Purse.

Truly amazing, and so much better than some of the clutches that you will find in some of the high end shops. This purse just screams style queen.


The Peacock Burnout Velvet Beaded Evening Wrap.


Throw this beauty on over a vest and a pair of skinny jeans and you've taken the Saturday look to a whole new level, girls…

You see what we mean? Fashion is fun and should scream out your individuality. Mixing the old with the new will give your looks a cutting edge and let you make a fashion mark amongst your peers. Deco Stylists are here at The Deco Haus to help you achieve that very goal! Don’t get lost in the herd fashionistas, lead the pack!!

Happy shopping…