Deco on the Runway!

The 1920’s is an era that is truly timeless for fashion. Iconic looks from this decadent time in our history are constantly in vogue.  Runway shows seem to always feature elements of flapper style dresses, jackets, kimonos,….you name it!  It’s just a fact. If you want to stand out as a fashion expert, the roaring 20’s are a key component.

Don’t forget, the decade of dancing, fun and oodles of champagne is fast approaching it’s 100 year anniversary! Stock up now at the Deco Haus on some fabulous vintage pieces and be closet-ready for all those extravagant parties to come.

I mean just look at some of the gorgeous creations adorning the runways of top designers …

Let’s start with my favorite…the unrivaled Gucci.

Woooowee…this is doing what Gucci does best by taking the past rockingly into the future. Pick up a similar beautiful cocktail dress at the Deco Haus, slick back your hair, spend a LOT of time on your eye makeup, and you are there!

Or....try the Marchesa look and go all feathery and girly.  Loving the cape/bolero effect!


Vera Wang also jumped on this lovely bandwagon…

Going for a more dramatic look with long leather gloves? Very decadent...perfect for any Great Gatsby party that you are invited to. The 1920s is all about looking as glamorous as possible while still maintaining a demure edge. Hard to do, but wondrous when you pull it off to perfection, just like Vera did here.

Roberto Cavalli gives his two cents next.


The accessories are really the main feature here!  The bag is outstanding and the necklace works perfectly with the neckline. Think before you dress ladies, that’s the key…you have a treasure trove to choose from at the Deco Haus, it’s just a case of putting it all together in the right way.  You can do it and have lots of fun while you are at it! Place a beautiful adornment in your hair though…the girls back in the day were ALL about that!

And a feather boa! Thank YOU Ralph Lauren…

SUCH an amazing way to dress!

Even celebrities are jumping on the bandwagon.  Our favorite look for makeup and hair is this style chosen by Katy Perry.

See…put something pretty on your head…works wonders! And pearls are a good choice I must say. But the ultimate inspiration...before you head over to Deco Haus and shop til you drop…is the modern version of the ultimate 1920’s go-to girl.  Daisy Buchanan, deliciously done by Carey Mulligan.