Summer Style with a Deco Twist

The summer has arrived, and we just love summer dressing. The rules are… well, there ARE no rules! No need to layer up and wear big boots, socks, and God knows what else. The heat is on and anything goes.

As amazing as summer may be, it also brings the inevitable onslaught of wedding invites, summer garden parties and drinks on the lawn. Ugh, WHAT TO WEAR?? I mean, throwing on a pair of shorts (and a little tee) and sitting out in the back yard drinking a few cold ones is one thing… but dressing up in the summer! Eeeks…that's a tough cookie to crumble.

But have no fear ladies, Deco Haus is on the job! If you have a summer event coming up and are at a loss for ideas, then look no further than to solve all your fashion emergencies. All you need to do is visit their Instagram site (@thedecohaus) and check out some of their beautiful photo shoots. Your inspirational juices will start flowing in no time! Once you have picked your favorite images, visit their site to find your dress (plus accessories…the key to taking a simple vintage look to an entirely new level) and then checkout! All that’s left for you to do is wait for your cute little pink box to arrive in the mail.

If only all things in life were this easy… *sigh*

Here are a few suggestions of my own…

The Socialite Gown…the perfect dress for a wedding guest…

Just gorgeous and such an original look to wear to a day out. You’ll definitely turn a lot of heads with this beautiful dress, and because it is so loose fitting and unrestrictive you can party the night away without having to worry about looking good!

I also love the Deco 54 Gown. This shot is from Paris fashion shoot.

So elegant, so stand out beautiful. It’s another original dress that’ll make you feel like the belle of the ball! These dresses are keepers, treasures to be handed down to your little princess in years to come. A truly wonderful addition to any style savvy lady’s closet!

In case this isn’t exactly your cup of tea, you could go for a total different look altogether while still keeping the vintage style alive! A wise choice would be to choose a trouser/top combo look. Add in the gorgeous ostrich wrap from and this look is nailed.

I love this…just divine.

Admiring glances are coming your way!

So girls, think outside the box this summer for your looks and take a peek on