Bringing Out The Great Gatsby Style In Your Wardrobe

Bringing out the Gatsby

1920’s vintage dresses from the Gatsby era mainly emphasized a dropped waist, or no waist at all! In addition to the color scheme being more dominated by shades of nude (and other subtle shades) it was ultimately the accessories which highlighted the overall look. In the 1920’s, women rarely left their houses without the perfect accessories complementing their outfits; be it gloves, handbags, or hats. Today, if you are hoping to bring out the Gatsby style in your wardrobe, accessories are the fundamental elements to keep in mind. Here are a few pointers!

Headbands and Bandeaux

The Gatsby era was inundated with a variety of hair accessories, of which, the dominant ones were the bandeau and the headband. Today, there is a diverse collection of bandeaux to choose from. Be it for a simple date night, or a big girls night out, the bandeau is a chic, must-add accessory to your look! When it comes to headbands, on the other hand, many feel overwhelmed when it comes to carrying them in a balanced manner. However, today, a number of designers and celebrities have brought this look to the current fashion scene, very smartly as well! Check out our bandeau and headband collection!


When we talk about the Gatsby era, a subtle, yet necessary accessory was the glove. Gloves from that era were either wrist length or gauntlet length. If you are wearing a classy vintage dress from the Gatsby era, there is no better way to highlight the look than with a perfect pair of gloves. Check out our collection here!


Capelets are the ultimate fashion accessory if you want to highlight the Gatsby look. Not only do they add sophistication to the overall outfit, but they also feel wonderful. The best part about this accessory is that it will not only go well with your vintage inspired look, but it can also look good with any modern evening outfit. However, make sure that you choose the right one, according to your dress and the occasion. If you are wearing gauntlet length gloves, opt out of the capelet. On the other hand, if all you wear are chunky bracelets and vintage inspired rings, the capelet is the perfect way to complete and complement your look! Check out our collection here!

Be it the Gatsby look, or the 1920’s flapper dress, if you are hoping to incorporate the perfect vintage look into your wardrobe, check out our collection of the perfect vintage style accessories and dresses! Furthermore, contact us today, for any fashion queries you may have; we will be more than happy to help!SaveSave