The Sexiness of the Slip Dress

When it comes to the slip dress, it can be one of the sexiest wardrobe pieces that you can ever own!

A slip dress is a woman's dress that looks like an under slip or a petticoat. Most times it can be found with spaghetti straps, made of silk or satin, and always filled with allure. We can thank designers like John Galliano, who debuted the design for Dior in 1996. Although the style has not been widely popular since the 90’s, it never goes out of style when it comes to dressing in your best Roaring 20’s attire. We, at the Deco Haus, are often asked why we add a slip dress under most of our beaded dresses and why they are sold separately. There is a very simple answer to this inquiry and we hope that it satisfies you gorgeous ladies.

During the fabulous 20’s slips were sold separately from beaded dresses. They were worn under all fancy dresses and were a relief from the restriction of corsets. Today, we no longer have to worry about the extreme pull and tucks of fashion (at least it’s a choice!), as a slip dress can fit loose or more narrowing to the silhouette and fitted to the bust but still more comfortable than a corset.

There's also a lot of versatility in a buying a slip dress separately from a beaded dress because you can add different colored slips and change the look completely. We prefer colors like nude, black and white. Finally, it's very easy to clean your dress by just washing the slip dress by hand or on a delicate cycle. Just imagine how much money you will save by not having to take the entire dress to the cleaners after each wear. If you’re anything like the sexy siren Rihanna, then you will dare to wear your slip alone or your beaded dress without anything underneath. Nothing but your bare necessities. Meow!

We hope that your questions were answered about the slip dress and why is sold separately. Now go get dresses and get sexy! Check out our many slip dresses here at The Deco Haus: