Top 5 Things To Avoid When Dressing Vintage

“Fashions fade; style is eternal” -Yves Saint Laurnet

This holds true when dressing vintage. Taking it as a style and not as a fashion statement is the ultimate key to carrying off vintage style with poise and elegance. The world of vintage comes with a certain class and refinement, similar to that of aged wine. Despite the fact that this style originated as early as the 1920’s, it is still being worn today, stylishly. Nevertheless, if you are disregarding the vintage look as only suitable for fashion models and superstars on magazine covers, you are underestimating yourself! Dressing vintage is entirely about the way you carry it. Be bold, and embark on a journey of vintage inspired dresses, outfits, and accessories today! When it comes to dressing vintage, many of us tend to overdo it, eventually leading to a ‘costume’ look. In order to avoid that, here are a few things to keep in mind.


Disregarding Your Body Shape

This cannot be said enough; whether you are dressing according to the latest fashion trends or if you are going vintage, disregarding your body shape is the first step toward becoming a fashion disaster, especially when it comes to dressing vintage. Own your body, evaluate your shape, and choose your style accordingly. What vintage look may look good on another may not be as flattering on you. If you have a narrow waist, look for accessories that highlight it. On the other hand, if you are curvier, opt for something with cuts and flares. Style your outfit according to your body’s best assets, and ultimately, you will both feel and look good!


Stockings and Colored Seams

When you look at the 1920’s, nude stockings with black or colored seams were worn occasionally and carried trendily as well. However, if you are considering opting for the same style today: stop. Nowadays, this style is (somewhat) commonly associated with racy lingerie stores. It is all about class, when it comes to dressing vintage. Blend in, and focus on a natural look if you want to wear stockings, as this will generate the perfect aesthetic appeal!


Top to Toe Vintage

Excess of anything and everything is likely to lead to disaster, and vintage inspired outfits are no exception to this rule. The number one thing to avoid when dressing vintage is that ‘costume’ look. After all, you do not want people assuming that you are dressed up for Halloween as Betty Draper from Mad Men! While the Mad Men style is very much in, as a timeless style, wearing vintage top to toe is highly…unadvisable. One secret tip to keep in mind is blending eras! Dominate your outfit with the 1920’s vintage, but add in a subtle effect with something from the 70’s and 90’s.


Spending Too Much Time On Hairstyling

Many of us assume that having the best 20’s inspired hairstyle is what will ultimately determine the success of the vintage outfit. While that is true, you shouldn’t overdo it. Today, the fashion scene is dominated with a lot of hairstyles that are inspired from the 20’s. Choose a look that blends in with your overall look. You want to complement your entire outfit! If you are wearing a statement piece, balance it out with a simple, yet contemporary hairstyle, and if you want to make a statement with your hairstyle, choose your outfit accordingly. Remember: balance and harmony.


Ignoring YOUR Style

Finally, it is not what you are wearing; it is how you are carrying it. Everyone has an individual style, and some of the best looks are pulled off when you stick to your originality. Make sure that there is some of ‘you’ in your overall look, depending on your regular style. Finally, once you choose your final look, embrace it with confidence and class! If you are hoping to don the perfect vintage look, check out our collection of the perfect vintage style accessories and dresses! Furthermore, contact us today, for any fashion queries that you have; we will be more than happy to help!SaveSave