The History of 1920s Fashion

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It's been a while since we shared our passion for 1920s fashion history on the blogosphere!  From the Jenner’s birthday party to vintage themed weddings to celebrity deco fashion, we've covered almost every aspect of the lifestyle.  However, now it's time to go back to basics and cover a comprehensive history of 1920s fashion.

Our love for 1920s fashion is the foundation of The Deco Haus. Things happen for a reason, right?  There is always a spark when something is created.  Living in Los Angeles and working around the history of the film industry definitely inspired us to create the DH.  Some of you may know all about the Jazz Age already, but if not, here are our favorite YouTube videos.  Each video explains the Roaring 20s in a comprehensive way, yet fun and easy to understand.



Now that we've covered fashion history, let’s move on to styling!   We absolutely love vintage shops because they provide such an amazing selection of vintage textiles and accessories. Your creativity is the limit!  Recently we came across the YouTube channel of Second Hand Rose and we went crazy! The items they showcase are definitely the signature style of our favorite era. 


In fact, whenever we need to find new inspiration, YouTube has always been one of our favorite platforms. With new videos added daily, we can always find something wonderful to inspire our workday.  Other than posting the latest pics on Instagram, YouTube videos are the number one way to communicate with the customer.

Would you like to see a Deco Haus channel on YouTube?