How To Match the Shoes with the Icon Dress

The Icon dress is one of the best sellers at The Deco Haus. It is a classic flapper dress epitomizing the beauty and luxury of vintage design. The dress features front and back panels, accented with intricate antique floral beadwork and beaded fringe. If you're wanting a flapper look with a modern twist don't worry, The Icon Dress can be paired with almost anything!  With this dress it's a piece of cake to achieve a cutting-edge look. 
First of all, 'pumps' are the go-to choice.  They look amazing with the Icon, especially with sophisticated color combos such as the Jet on Ruby.  We prefer point-toed shiny pumps because they are super sexy. The details of the beaded fringe and sparkling design balance in a modern way with the sleekness of the heels. However, red suede pumps are a great selection too!  You can wear either a vibrant cherry red suede or a dark burgundy suede. We prefer a red shade with lower saturation so the heels don't take all the attention! (You know the dress is the STAR!)
How about the Gold on Jet Icon? Frankly, gold is a bold choice and not so easy to pair with other colors. However, we do love the metallic heels in the above photo. Pair these two with some elegant accessories such as a clutch bag or statement!  For the 100% Jazz Age vibe, wrap your shoulders with the Parisian Luxury Ostrich Feather Shrug Wrap in black.

The Icon Gown is always in stock in a variety of colors at The Deco Haus!

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