Get Nicole Kidman's Style

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Nicole Kidman is one of our favorite actresses of all the time.  We think she keeps getting more and more beautiful!  Do you love her movies? From Eyes Wide Shut in 1999 to The Stepford Wives in 2004, her movie credits go on and on... However, Nicole's fashion taste both in the movies and on red carpet is what we totally adore! 
Photo Courtesy here
How to steal Nicole Kidman's style? We recommend two different types of dresses. 1) the slip dress 2) our embroidered peasant dress. For basic vintage fashion, our 1930's Bias Glamour Slip Dress is a must. As a vintage basic, you can easily pair it with a vintage dress or even contemporary clothing. If you follow us on The Deco Haus blog, you'll see several posts regarding slip dress fashion.... even Charli xcx took the slip dress to the whole new perspective with a 90's twist!
The 1920's-40's peasant dress is something we see Nicole Kidman wearing again and again.  Our designers at The Deco Haus were at the forefront in bringing this dress back to the modern consumer.  We procured the best artisans in the world to re-create the vintage embroidery and hand-smocking details which are so dear to this dress.
The Heirloom Dress- Pale Cerulean is our latest color variation in this design (see below).
The colorful, romantic design features mouth-watering embroidered details. Which celebrities love the heirloom dress? Obviously, Angelina Jolie and Nicole Kidman! Simply pair with lace-up flats, and you are ready to go!
Do you like Nicole's fashion style?