Cocktail Rings

Vintage style is having something of a rebirth in these heady times of fast fashion. Which, if you ask me, is a welcome addition to any wardrobe. Perhaps though, one of my favourite things from years gone by to still be in vogue, as it were, is the jewellery that our stylish sisters from the past wore. When this kind of partying was going down…

Looks like ALL the fun, right? What a time to be alive. But…I digress…back to the (fashion) point, the jewellery:

Especially cocktail rings.


Get yourself an unusual, bejewelled, eye-catching cocktail ring and you can bring any mundane, everyday outfit up a level, while giving yourself instant street cred. Not too shabby, eh? Look at some of the hot tamales that were knocking about in the 1920’s and get your hands on (or in) some of them today!

Hello sailor. What a beauty, jade, one of the most stunning colors to wear no matter what your preferred color palette is. Jade matches EVERYONE. Beautiful. You can find this pretty little thing here.


My all-time go to color though has to be BLACK (hence the name!) and this ring ( does not disappoint my macabre tendencies.

The DECADENCE. The roaring 20’s indeed. Man, did they have style. Amazing piece of kit to add to your vintage collection.

But, just for you, I have saved the best for last ( …the ring amongst rings, the mother-ring, if you will…

Holy manoley…this renders me speechless (not an easy feat, let me tell you). Buy and wear this ring and you will make new friends instantly…people will want to breathe in some of your fashion vintage savviness. It is the ultimate doffed cap to our favourite fashion era.

Now these rings will perk up any type of look. But, would look especially stunning when coupled with some of the beautiful dresses on, or even with the scarf coat of dreams…

That’s true vintage style right there folks!

Till next time…