Awards Season + Hollywood Glamour

Okay so let’s face it, we are slap bang in the middle of awards season, which, as a fashion writer, you can appreciate, is my absolute favorite time of year. Oh yes!…forget Christmas…THIS is the most wonderful time of the year. I can spend hours looking through pictures of what the stars wore on the red carpet. The terrific highs, the terrible lows…it’s possibly the best way to spend your days.

Now, I know the Big Kahuna…i.e. The OSCARS is yet to come, but the Golden Globes is a pretty good warm up and this year did not disappoint, specifically Emma Stone in her vintage inspired show stopper by Valentino. This is so elegant and decadent all at the same time…

Beautiful, old style, Hollywood glamour. You can emulate this style my friends, just look at some of the choices on to create your very own La La Land look…

Art Deco Vignette GownThe Vignette - AbaloneWhite Fishtail Mermaid Art Deco Gown

The Lombard Gown - White

Grey Art Deco Overlay Dress 1920's

The Corsage - Silver

Sequins and beading and bows…oh my! Gorgeous stuff and bound to turn many a head when you walk into the room. These are all available on and coming in at a fraction of the cost of Ms. Stones’ number, I’ll guarantee you!

Another hot shot that caught my eye on the red carpet was Drew Barrymore is this floaty, dreamy, dress by Monica Lhuiller.

I mean, this is how to do awards night…am I right? She looks amazing and even though she is showing very little flesh, the sexiness just oozes out. The perfect take on vintage glamour, they really knew how to wear dresses back then. Here’s a few more on to choose from for your next big night out…

Dark green up first, you can NEVER go wrong wearing dark green, in my opinion, always in style and the addition of gold and silver sequins to the top of the dress is a marvelous combination. Flapper-tastic!

And finally, let's save the best for last, this beautiful teal green peacock inspired piece of fashion genius is simply breathtaking. Imagine how pretty and girlie you would feel wearing this, exactly the feeling a dressed up…er…dress! is supposed to give the wearer. It’s just stunning and so unusual.

So you see, even though you may not have the bulging bank accounts of some of our current Hollywood legends you can still give them a run for their money by choosing for your looks and win your own fashion award!

Til next time…