1920s Inspired Runway


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In terms of fashion, 1920s is our most favorite era!  Maybe it's not just us, but also Hollywood celebrities, such as Kris Jenner, whose previous birthday party was in a Great Gatsby theme. Why do we love it so much? Because it was a time when parties couldn't be more glamorous. Well, it looked fun anyway to dress from head to toe in sparkling decadence. The era was all about the beaded and embellished dress, the bold necklace, and the feather headband. Basically, women just went to parties in style!

We could also say that it was the era in which women had freedom in their own activities. They had the right to vote...and did not have to stay in the home anymore. They could wear short dresses, change their hairstyles, and also apply more makeup! Because of this, 1920s fashion has been a big inspiration to many well-known fashion houses over the years.


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Our favorite 1920s inspired runway was Ralph Lauren Spring/Summer 2012. Not only the silhouettes, but the color palettes of the designs were incredibly charming.  The collection was designed with a feminine look, and nothing is better than pastel tones when it comes to Spring/Summer. Many pieces in the collection embraced the charisma of the 1920s woman. One of the dresses we have added in our 2016 wish list is the soft metallic dress with the unique shoulder-wrapped piece. Isn't it looking so Jazz age?!


photo courtesy here

Gucci also took Gatsby design to a whole new level. The SS12 runway got us deeply falling in love because of its bold and strong designs. The collection was a sharp contrast to Ralph Lauren. There were no pastels appearing, only the signature Art Deco black and gold mattered. The runway was filled with models with smoky eye makeup and super modern hairstyles. Look at that fringed dress! Isn't it fierce!?
Which one is your favorite?