Kris Jenner's Gatsby Themed Party

Nothing is a secret anymore.  With social media as the modern platform, we all can keep(ing) up with the Kardashians! From Kylie Jenner's lip trend (her own lip kit was sold out in 30 seconds!) to the luxury lifestyle we dream of, everything on Instagram becomes the talk of the town almost immediately. Sorry Kardashians, you can't hide anything from us now! If you have not seen or heard about the parties they threw last year, seriously it is a big miss. We are currently obsessed with mom Kris Jenner's 60th birthday, which was hosted in a 1920s theme. Who doesn't love Gatsby!?


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As head of the Kardashian clan, obviously Kris could not let social media down. She pulled off her style so well...we are still in love with her all-white look! She mixed and matched a luxe white dress with a necklace and headpiece, both vintage 'must-have' pieces. We know that Kris always goes with a short straight cut, but look at that short bob hairdo! She was totally the star of the night.


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The Kardashian sisters looked amazingly beautiful altogether. Kim and Khloe stood out from the crowd with their sparkling dresses, while Kourtney broke the internet with her unexpected tuxedo. Who would have thought she would come out in a guy's outfit!? She looked perfectly cool with that dark red lipstick.
Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian arrive at Kris Jenner's Birthday Party
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Though they say less is more, accessorizing any vintage look is a must! In fact, the Gatsby vibe would not be complete without it's signature headband. How does Deco Haus get the Kris Jenner look? We simply pair the Starlet-Crystal dress with some bold accessories. Our two favorite items are the Parisian Luxury Ostrich Feather Shrug Wrap-Ivory and the Diamante Headband-The Juliet.