Ultimate Flapper Halloween Looks


If Art Deco fashion isn't a regular occurrence in your life, why not use Halloween as an opportunity to travel back to a decade long ago? Even if you do find yourself gushing over the latest vintage reproduction looks at your favorite vintage shops, why not take it one step further by immersing yourself in the 1920s era as everyone's favorite: the flapper! There are so many beautiful and classic ways to do this look justice for Halloween and we've brought together some of our favorite flapper looks for your Halloween inspiration this year.

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Now, you've got the inspiration for your flapper costume and all you need is your outfit! We've got you covered! Check out our collection of gorgeous Gatsby dresses, bandeaux, gloves, and jewelry to create a stunningly authentic flapper costume this Halloween. Here are two examples of some gorgeous looks we have to offer!


You can shop this look here!


You can shop this look here!

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Really want to pull your look together? Be sure to check out our previous post on vintage beauty trends for the perfect hair and makeup inspiration! Don't forget to tag us in your flapper pictures - we'd love to see them! xSave