The Wonderful and Spectacular Anna May Wong

deco-hause-queen-Anna-May-Wong-dresses-1920-style-fashion-online-shopIntroducing this week’s Deco Haus Queen of the week - the iconic Anna May Wong! Image source from Doctor Marco

Breaking through the bounds of Hollywood stereotypes, Anna May Wong never backed down on her dream of becoming a movie star of the ages. Her list of accomplishments are endless! She was the first Chinese-American movie star and the first Asian-American to gain international recognition, becoming a silver screen sensation after her 1924 film The Thief of Bagdad (did we mention she was only 19?). With such a spark, the world fell in love with her immediately. She was not only recognized for her on-screen talents but her head-turning fashion! Ms. Wong did have to deal with a lot of unfair casting and racism in her film career in America, even though she was a second generation Chinese-American.  As a result of repeatedly not landing the lead in Asian movie roles (as they would cast non-Asians instead), the lack of recognition of her talents lead Ms. Wong to move to Europe. She spent three years there - filming in Germany, France and Britain. Whenever she made the German/French versions of her English speaking films, she spoke so fluently in both languages that critics were amazed at her tremendous acting and linguistic skills. Returning to America, Ms. Wong made her US stage debut on Broadway with the starring role in “On The Spot”. The show ran for 167 performances. Her hard work and love for performing lead to work not just on stage and screen but on radio and television. Her career held strong throughout the transition from silent films to talkies (sound film), which many Hollywood actors failed to achieve. Retiring young at 35, Ms. Wong did not stop giving to others during the World War II. She worked with the United China Relief Fund and toured with the United Service Organizations. Anna May Wong was a trailblazer and an icon to be remembered, as Mayfair Mannequin Society of New York named her “The World’s Best-Dressed Woman”. Deco Haus wanted to count down 3 amazing outfit inspirations from Anna May Wong.


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