Dressing like a Fancy Flapper in Modern Times

When it comes to fashion, one of the most fun and classiest eras of style would have to be the “Roaring 20’s.” Why, you ask? Well, let us enlighten you on the fun and fancy of yesteryear.

The women were independent. The women of the “Roaring Twenties” began to feel a sense of independence. They did things that were considered taboo and they loved the feeling of loose fits and loose hips. They wore clothing that wasn’t constricting like the previous corsets which gave them hourglass shapes. The loose dresses had plenty of fringe so they could dance the Charleston. With every jazzy dance movement, those fringes flapped and swayed. This later led to them being known as “flappers”.

The women were glamorous. Flapper women loved lots of pearls and diamonds because it reflected the "Golden Age Twenties" which represented an economic boom. Long stranded pearls were a staple to the fashion of women during this era because they represented class, hipness, and sophistication.

The women were rebellious. Women felt very empowered and rebellious so they cut their hair into bobs, they smoked from long stems, they drank liquor, and they lifted their hemlines. Yes, it was a time of fashion that has never been forgotten and to date, women are still fascinated with the look. Have you been yearning to wear a flapper dress, but feared it would be too much like a costume? Well, we have a few simple tips that will make you look chic and classic in your flapper-inspired look. Plus it is fit for now.

  1. It’s all in the hair. Avoid pin curls and finger waves if you don’t want to look too costume-like. Consider a neat chignon or ponytail. Add fancy rhinestone hair pins to accent the look.
  2. Don’t overdo the pearls. Be sure to wear a few pearls to complement your look, such as pearl earrings or a pearl ring. If you choose a pearl necklace, wear one strand.
  3. Add a fun bag to your style. A modern style art deco bag adds a lot of pizzazz to your look without being over the top.
  4. Make the shoes simple but fabulous. You shoes should be flirty enough to garner attention but not take away from your dress.
How will you wear your flapper style? No matter your choice, have fun and enjoy!SaveSave