Vintage & Retro Themed Music Videos We Love

Since we're all about vintage, let's talk about music videos, shall we? Over the years, we've been inspired by the vintage-themed videos of Grammy Award winners such as Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, and No Doubt. The costumes in these videos are in vintage and retro designs which we LOVE. One of our very favorites is No Doubt's 'It's My Life'.  In it, Gwen rocks a total 1920's inspired look with a classic pincurl hairstyle, plus a slip dress matched with a layer of pearl necklaces. No Doubt has been in the music industry for decades...and they are still one of our favorite bands!

Left- Long Pearl Rope Necklace

Obviously Blank Space is another song we always play in the car. We love the moment when Taylor goes crazy with her vintage 1920's look. The black headband and gloves enhance the sheer shoulder wrap and give a real Jazz Age flair. 

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 If you love rock music, you will find 'Playing God' by Paramore the quintessential vintage-styled video. With the burst of hair color on Hayley, everything looks so colorful and so retro...

Which is your favorite vintage-themed music video?