The Love of Necklace Layering

Today it is my fashion duty to draw your attention to the limited edition 1920s style necklaces available right now on! These are absolute works of art and believe me, you need to whip these bad boys up right now before they are just a fading memory. These glass necklaces feature unique Art Deco images by artists George Barbier and Henry Clive. Take a look and then we will figure out how to style these up and make them shine…

This first one is the George Barbier Flapper Necklace

Beautiful, look at those amazing colors. What I love most is that is it just one of a kind, so unusual. I love how fashion can be a talking point and this is one piece of jewelry bound to get people talking! Admirers will flock to stare in admiration at your obvious style savviness! The illustration is so intricate and detailed, a wonderful nod to our favorite vintage era…

Second up, an iconic image of actress Gloria Swanson by Henry Clive.


This is the perfect salute to the doyenne of the 1920’s. Absolutely stunning.

The best news is that each of the necklaces is quite different in their shading and color tone.   If you pick up both, you can be guaranteed either one will work no matter what you are wearing. Now, I am a big, BIG fan of layering up necklaces and wearing short pieces with long pieces….more just being more! Just like these pretty ladies below…





It’s such a cool technique using jewelry to help us girls really show off our personalities. You have the freedom to combine different quantities and styles of necklaces in any way desired.

The two beautiful and exclusive pendants from fit perfectly into this adornment regime with ease. In fact, my suggestion is to use them as your starting point because they really are the standout pieces.  Then add on more subtle necklaces to create your own layered effect.

The best bit about necklace layering? If you are anything like me and are a bit of a collector…this way of wearing your jewelry means that all those chains you have on your dressing table get a chance of being worn!…Oh and the second best bit…? Well, it’s that I give you full permission to pick up BOTH of these gorgeous pendants right now on and add them into your new tiered approach to necklace styling!  Remember though, they are limited editions…the time to shop is now!


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