Peacock Inspired Style from The Deco Haus

Did you know that the peacock is a symbol of royalty, spirituality and guidance? We always refer to this exotic bird as the beauty of them all....the burst of colors is just beyond words. We're always looking for new inspirations, and it was just a matter of time until we got around to the peacock!  Presenting the 1930's Inspired Art Deco Beaded Evening Purse .....a magnificent design we are proud to present from The Deco Haus
This stunning purse is the perfect addition to any evening look. Pair with either a classic black velvet dress or a sexy body con outfit for a great look. Intricate sequins and beading contrast with metallic shades for a beautiful look. The gold represents luxury and the green represents calmness, for two perfect options in terms of fashion. The green is such a beautiful color!
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Speaking of peacock inspirations, let's rewind to Fall 2008 when Alexander McQueen's fashion show was inspired by the peacock.  Alexander McQueen has wowed us so many times. His creativity was so distinguished in terms of design and interpretation. However, if you are looking for something more colorful and feminine, let's check out the ever-dramatic Victoria's Secret show!
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Do you like watching the VS fashion show? We do! It's one of the biggest lingerie fashion shows of the year, isn't it? Every season, we look forward to seeing what the Angels wear. The peacock feather prop looks so stunning, especially in contrast with the silky lingerie. The mix and match of green, blue and gold is outstanding.
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Do you love peacock design?