An Edgy Choker Trend Curated by The Deco Haus

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Let's forget 70's flares because they are out now!  Velvet dresses and fringe jackets have been on trend the last couple of years, but are slowly fading as well.  However, the 90's choker has remained a go-to accessory season after season. We can assume that this piece will never go out of style, as it keeps appearing on Hollywood celebrities!  From the small chain choker to the thick velvet neckband, the red carpet never has a dull moment with this fashion favorite. 
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Chokers are reminiscent of childhood for girls of any age...from the 70's hippie to the 90's grunge girl.  It was such a fun accessory when we were young.  We didn't even realize that it would be such a fashion staple throughout our lives. One of our contributors just returned from Tokyo and confirmed that Japanese girls love wearing them! "Harajuku is one of the best places in Tokyo where you can see a lot of cool chokers including fluffy ones. One fashion store sold more than 20 designs of chokers in a wide variety of colors... not just a classic black. Pastel pink, lilac, transparent, you name it."
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Back to the red carpet, where a choker can give a dressy outfit a little grunge flair. Look how gorgeous Poppy Delevingne is! The combination of glamorous jewels plus a sophisticated gem black choker looks perfect on her.
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