Rewind: Get Fergie's 1920s Look


Are you ready to get the 1920s look inspired by Fergie's music video A Little Party Never Killed Nobody? This video personified the joy and celebration of the Jazz Age. In the video, we were impressed by not only the music, but also the creative design. Black, silver, and gold were the main colors. The setting and decor epitomized the glamorous life of high society from that era. Money, music, society, and celebration...the four factors of a 1920's party. However, we don't need to hire a stylist to get a look like Fergie's!  Here at The Deco Haus, we have the perfect pieces for any Jazz Age look.

Fergie's headpiece is the "must have" of this music video. In fact, if you follow us on Instagram, check out last week's post on our Bandeau/Cummerbund. That's right, it's actually the black/gold version of Fergie's bandeau!  We love how she added gems and a feather to glam it up!
Can't find the black feather? No problem! We have an amazing alternative in the  Peacock Rhinestone Flapper Fascinator Hair Clip. If you've got a statement piece to wear, then you must show it off to the crowd. It wouldn't be fun to attend the party without the ultimate styling, right? Peacock feathers and rhinestones are perfect for a super glamorous theme like the 1920s.
However, if you want something a little more subdued, go with the Daisy Pearl Rope Necklace. As shown by Fergie, a pearl necklace is essential for a 1920s look.  Moreover, our pearl necklace was featured in the film, The Great Gatsby!
 Which piece would you prefer to wear for a party? Reply to the Deco Haus Twitter/Instagram and let us know what you think!