Mix & Match: The Deco Haus Capelet

Printed scarves and  silky shoulder wraps aren't on our radar anymore, because we are literally obsessed with the 'capelet'....more and more each day! What is a capelet? It is a smaller-sized cape usually used as a covering for the shoulders. Remember when the stunning cape dress that Kim K wore during her pregnancy last year broke the internet? That was amazing, however now less is more. Let's focus on the accessory instead, shall we? Our capelet selections (which are featured in our bridal collection ) can offer you more than just a shoulder covering for a wedding night.  You can effortlessly mix and match it for a luncheon, that special night, or a glamorous dinner with friends.  It is an essential accessory for both day and night occasions.


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People may think that the capelet is just a vintage piece, reminiscent of the Victorian era. Given that, many fashionistas may be a little apprehensive to wear capelets with modern pieces in their closet. However, we always say 'trends pass, yet always comes back again at the right time'. For example, the beautiful Jennifer Lopez above.... we love how she incorporates the capelet with her stunning white dress!  Watch how we create a similar style below!
The Deco Siren Capelet-Silver and The Poisson - Cream Bone are the best luxury duo we could ever match.  With the pure luxury of the diamante cape combined with the radiant sequin details of the dress, this look can be THE combo for a red carpet moment.
However, if you love an ornamental fringe capelet like Cate's, we also have  The Harlow Capelet- Ethereal.  Handcrafted on ivory mesh with distinguished silver and gold beads, you can absolutely pair this piece with either a black satin dress or a silvery silk gown (we think both look divine!).
Gorgeous capelets like these can be found on the Deco Haus website.  Don't forget to tell us what you think!