The Great Gatsby Home Decor


We are officially in the month of layering, especially with fashion! Real winter has begun, and that means it's time to switch our wardrobes to deal with the cold. This is honestly not our favorite season, though many fashion Instagrammers seem to have fun incorporating all those layering pieces. We've been taking advantage of the cold by finding inspiration via Pinterest (cozy bed, mug of hot chocolate, and beautiful boards, what more could we ask for!?). It's no surprise what has inspired us lately and yes, we need to find spare time to go to IKEA! We're looking for pieces inspired by the enchantment of The Great Gatsby.....


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Extremely lavish decorations, with a dazzling chandelier on the ceiling - this is the ultimate dream for us. Although, we came up with the 1920s makeup tutorial last week, interior decor is also an ideal visual that allows us to step into the Great Gatsby world. From F. Scott Fitzgerald's literature to the 2013 film starring Leonardo DiCaprio, The Great Gatsby has always been a masterpiece illustrating the extravagant life of American society.


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We really love vintage decor, as shown in the image above. The mahogany oak contrasted with velvet full-length curtains and a massive Oriental rug - this is a perfect example of the classic vintage living room.


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Along with the vintage design, we also love the flair of this opaque white room. It is genuinely designed in a modern style. Look at that huge mirror! What a superb choice for every fashion lover like us. We are falling in love with the furniture in the room, especially the table, the chair, well basically everything...


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What can we say about this bedroom? Big bed, built-in (giant) closet on the top, everything about this room is a dream.

We'd love to hear about your favorite vintage decorating looks. Drop us a comment below!