Turban Fashion


'It never goes out of style' as proven by iconic English model, Kate Moss, looking in fashion as usual with a 1920s inspired look. It is not about history anymore, as fashion is a process of recycling ideas from the past, and adapting them to the modern era we are living in. One of the accessories we have seen on celebrities quite a bit over the years is the turban.

Turbans were wildly popular 4 to 5 years ago in upper fashion circles, yet we think they can still be worn daily today (depending on the #ootd though!). The turban, or head wrap, has been worn since the 17th century. However, as time has passed, it has been redesigned and evolved to be more modern...eventually becoming the fashion accessory we know today.  


Why do we love wearing this headpiece? Because it's a statement piece that easily matches with any style. For example, Tyra Banks with the luxurious black turban above. The way she contrasted all black accessories with red lipstick was such a bomb. Well, what can we say? She is the queen of America Next Top Model!


Even Scream Queen starlet Emma Roberts. Big applause to the stylists on this show because Chanel Oberlin has nailed every look so far, including this colorful turban with coordinating fluffy pastel blue fur. From preppy to urban chic, is there anything she cannot wear!? Apart from Tyra and Emma, here are other celebrity turban looks we love!

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collage *All photos are from Pinterest*