The Ultimate LBD Look


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We're not going to lie, but kicking off 2016 with more social media content is one of our goals of the year (obsession!). Our Instagram feed (@thedecohaus) is full of vintage-luxe, Hollywood inspo, and, BTS shoots just like this one. We always want to show our customers and fans what we've got in store! Not only our high-quality luxury designs, but daily activities behind the online world as well. We see a lot of beautiful and trendy dresses that inspire us every day, yet, the little black dress or 'LBD' has been our BFF for years. If you feel the same, please feel free to join the club!

Thanks to fashion icon Coco Chanel, the pioneer of the LBD. Her idea was a lifesaver for generations. To be frank, the cliche quote 'I have nothing to wear' is real. Sometime, we struggle having no idea what to wear in the morning. However, the ultimate LBD has always been our favorite choice for many situations. How to style the LBD like a fashion icon? Here is how we at The Deco Haus would spark the night.


1.) Black Dress- obviously, the black dress is key. We love this 1930's Bias Glamour Full Length Slip, one of our most versatile dresses which can be matched with almost anything!

2.) Headband- A Great Gatsby total look wouldn't be completed without an accessory like a bold, sparkling headband. We LOVE dazzling the night with this Diamante hair piece. It makes us feel very 1920s inspired and can be a daytime piece too!

3.) Gloves- Nothing is better than wearing must-have satin finish gloves for a glam night out. They are super luxury pieces we can't live without. In fact, these Ebony gloves are one of our best sellers.

4.) Feather Shrug Wrap- Have you caught up with our Kris Jenner's 60 birthday party post? If so, you'll understand why we think this Parisian Luxury Ostrich piece is our partner in crime.  Kris showed off her total Gatsby look with a pure white wrap, which got us falling in love. Therefore, why not this ostrich wrap!?

How would you like to mix&match the LBD look? Tweet us your thoughts!