Accentuating Your Curves with Vintage Fashion


Vintage fashion lovers come in all shapes and sizes, and thankfully, vintage fashion is flattering on any body type! Why do we love vintage fashion? No matter how tiny your waist, or big your hips, vintage fashion is entirely flattering if you know what pieces flatter which parts of your body. Do you love your derrière?  There’s a gorgeous bias slip to show it off! Do you love your waist? There’s a perfect vintage belt to help you accentuate it! The vintage community is all about body positivity! Don’t focus on the parts you aren’t super crazy about, focus on the parts you are! Here are some gorgeous examples to show how you can show off your favorite curves through art deco fashion!



The first thing to invest in to accentuate or achieve the look of a tiny waist, is a great belt! Pair a belt with your favorite Gatsby dress or just about any combination of pieces to exaggerate the look of your waist, thus creating a gorgeous hourglass figure! Check out our selection of belts, here!

Bias Slip


A bias slip is the perfect way to show off your full figure or create the illusion of one. Hugging the hips, bust, and waist, the bias slip is sure to give your shape an extra boost! The bias slip is perfect for those deep v dresses, which you can read more about below! Shop our selection of gorgeous slips, here!

Low Necklines


We love a low neckline! The low neckline shows off the bust while making the waist appear more narrow.  Throw on your bias slip underneath to really exaggerate your curves! Our Starlet Dress in Powder Blue is the perfect example of a curve-hugging dress that will ensure all eyes are on you!

Stretch Mesh

Body-hugging stretch mesh is the ideal material for your next art deco dress if you want to show off your curves. Pair this material with a low neckline and sash to accentuate your favorite parts! You can shop our favorite dress featuring this flattering stretch mesh, here!


Fringe is another great way to show off your curves. There are many gorgeous art deco dresses with fringe that follow the lines of the body, making them impossible to ignore! Check out our Helix Dress and The 'Original' Artist dress for some gorgeous examples! There you have it, dollies! How do you show off your curves? Let us know with a comment below! xSave