Vintage for the Office


The wonderful thing about dressing vintage is you can do it whenever and wherever you want. With vintage reproduction options readily available to save you money, casual day dresses, and jewelry that can be dressed up or down, you have ample opportunity to show off your love for vintage style. Today, we're showing you a variety of ways to incorporate vintage fashion into your everyday work life. Why shouldn't you get to dress vintage at the office? Think dressing vintage at the office is too 'over the top'? We're here to prove you wrong and give you some darling outfit inspiration for the work week ahead!

Day Dresses

We have a variety of 1920s-inspired day dresses available at The Deco Haus. These gorgeous dresses make for the perfect foundation to a vintage office ensemble. Some of our favorites?

The Daffodil Vintage Empire Dress


The Deco Dot Dress 


The Coco Dress


The Dagmar Dress



The Diamante Sautoir


The Gatsby Rope Necklace


The Special Edition Bracelet


The Patou Silk Bandeau Headband


And there you have it dolls! These day dresses and casual accessories are the perfect way to add a vintage flare to your everyday work wardrobe.

How do you incorporate vintage pieces into your work wardrobe? We'd love to hear!

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