Myths About Dressing Vintage

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Though dressing vintage has become more popular over the last several years, there are still many misconceptions about what "dressing vintage" and "living a vintage lifestyle" actually entails. We’re outlining 4 common myths surrounding vintage fashion and setting them straight in today’s blog post.

Myth: You have to commit to dressing vintage full time

Fact: The wonderful thing about the vintage community is that it is incredibly supportive. That means they welcome amateurs and seasoned vintage-wearers with open arms, whether one dresses in vintage every single day or not. The awesome thing about having a personal style, is that you can choose to dress vintage whenever you want. So whether you’re dressing in a gorgeous Gatsby gown for a wedding, or a typical Tuesday, the choice is yours.

Myth: It’s expensive.

Fact: It can be, but it doesn’t have to be. The awesome thing about vintage culture is there are a variety of vintage reproduction options available! You can reproduce iconic vintage looks using pieces from modern stores or from brands that specialize in vintage reproduction clothing. It's become easy to look like you popped right out of your favorite decade. Looking for accessories? Raid your grandmother’s closet! Chances are she has some gorgeous authentic vintage brooches or earrings that would complement your outfit beautifully!

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Myth: You can’t shop in ‘modern’ stores

Fact: The fact is, you can create some gorgeous vintage-inspired outfits by combining vintage or vintage reproduction pieces with timeless pieces you’ve picked up from modern retailers. Have a classic black pencil skirt? Pair that with a peasant top, Peter Pan collared-blouse, hair scarf, and brooch!

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Myth: You can’t wear pants.

Fact: There are some gorgeous vintage-inspired outfits that feature body-hugging, high-waisted pants. Just because you’re dressing vintage doesn’t mean your wardrobe can only consist of swing skirts and wiggle dresses! Well, there you have it, dolls!

What myths have you encountered about dressing vintage? We’d love to hear it and help set it straight! Leave us a comment below.Save