1920s Beauty Trends



The Roaring Twenties were a time of fabulous fashion and beauty. These iconic looks have been repeated throughout history to achieve Old Hollywood glamour. Today, these classic beauty looks are easy and fun to recreate, adding a touch of drama to your everyday beauty routine.

1920s Hair

Bobbed hair with finger waves was extremely popular in the 1920s. Louise Brooks, Clara Bow, and Marion Davies, considered the "it girls" of their time, were all pioneers of this look. Finger waves tend to look more authentic on short hair, though are still doable on long hair as well. Finger-wave-bob-hairstyles

1920s Makeup

Prior to the 1920s, anything more than pinching your cheeks to create a touch of rouge was considered to be inappropriate. If you weren’t an actress or prostitute, you had no business dolling yourself up. A combination of single women trying to attract the outnumbered men after the war and women entering the workforce added to the growing popularity of cosmetics.

Face Powder In the 1920s, concealer and foundation weren’t readily available so women relied heavily on face powder to even out their complexion.

Smokey Eye


Women of the 1920s weren’t afraid to sport bold makeup, which often included grey and black eyeshadows to achieve a ‘smokey eye’. Women utilized soot or coal mixed with goose fat or petroleum jelly to create kohl for eyeliner. This was often applied generously around the whole eye.

Thin Eyebrows

While we may be obsessed with full, natural brows today, women of the 1920s plucked their brows to thin arches. Some women even removed their brows completely in favor of drawing them on by hand higher up on their foreheads.



While women used to pinch their cheeks to achieve a perfect flush, they now had the opportunity to utilize rouge. Available in powder, liquid, and creams, rouge was applied generously to the cheeks and left unblended.

Cupid’s Bow


Women of the 1920s had a fascination with the cupid’s bow, often using lipstick to create an exaggerated bow. The most popular colour? A deep red, of course! Now that you’ve got you’ve got all the info you need to get all dolled up, you need an outfit to match! Be sure to view our collection of vintage reproduction pieces to create the perfect 1920s ensemble!SaveSave