Words to Know if You Love Vintage Fashion


Fashion isn’t the only thing that’s evolved through time! If you’re a lover of vintage fashion, this post will help you navigate some words you may encounter when shopping for your next urban set (see below for that translation! ;])

Here are the words you need to know if you love vintage fashion:

Brooch: an ornament fastened to clothing with a hinged pin and catch

Brooksy: Classy dresser

Capelet: a small cape usually covering the shoulders

Cat’s Meow: something splendid or stylish

Deco Chic: old Hollywood fashion

Dog Kennels: pair of shoes

Drape: clothes, suit

Dudding Up: dressing

Flapper: originating from the 1920s, a fashionable young woman intent on enjoying herself and dismissing conventional behaviors

Hen Coop: beauty parlor

Munitions: face powder and rouge

Peter Pan Collar: a flat collar with rounded ends that meet at the front

Rockabilly: originating in the 1950s, combining elements of rock and roll and country

Spiffy: an elegant appearance

Swanky: ritzy

Swing Dress: a knee-length dress, fitted at the waist and flared so that it swings with the dancer.

Togged to the Bricks: wearing the best clothes

Urban Set: new gown

Vintage Reproduction: a newly made copy of an older garment

Wiggle Dress: a dress whose hem is narrower than the hips, causing the wearer to walk in shorter strides with legs close together Well, there you have it, dolls! A sweet little list to help you on your way.

What vintage words have become a part of your everyday vocabulary? Let us know with a comment below! xSave