Matching Day



Everyday we receive questions from our customers on how to mix and match our vintage accessories and dresses in order to achieve a modern chic look....or if we have any recommendations. The answer is 'yes!' Actually, there are so many ideas about styling that we don't know what to suggest first. However, since we launch new items each week, we can definitely show you the latest and greatest pieces to wear for a date night or even  daily inspiration. Are you a fan of Art Deco statement necklaces? If yes, let us show you what The Deco Haus has to offer this season!


Statement necklace+Red Ombre Jacket


The Art Deco Statement Crystal Necklace is truly a magnificent piece for the night. Pair it with either our  Red Ombre Jacket or a little black dress.  However, if you are looking for a sexy glam outfit for a party, simply wear the necklace with a creamy lace dress or a slip dress matched with our Electric Blue Shrug Wrap ....or maybe a biker jacket and heels if you want to go urban grunge!


Art Deco necklace+ embroidered dress

Want to go full steam bohemian? A vintage closet wouldn't be complete  without a casual sweet dress. Our brand new Blue Ivory Cameo Necklace is a beautiful antique piece, which is only available as a limited edition. Want to go in the bohemian theme from top to bottom? We recommend the lovely French Blue Margaux Dress


No matter what you wear, at the end of the day it's all about the confidence within yourself. We simply can wear whatever we want, either vintage or trendy. Remember, there are no rules in fashion! Save