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Tagged "Vintage Fashion"

Deco on the Runway!

Posted by Emma Sutton on

The 1920’s is an era that is truly timeless for fashion. Iconic looks from this decadent time in our history are constantly in vogue.  Runway shows seem to always feature elements of flapper style dresses, jackets, kimonos,….you name it!

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The Casual Head Wrap Trend

Posted by Deco Haus Studio on

The head wrap is our 'go-to' accessory for styling this summer. When the temperature goes up and we're grabbing for our shorts and miniskirts in the morning, we want nothing else but a chic head wrap to keep cool...

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Deco Haus Icons - Madonna

Posted by Deco Haus Studio on

Though we were a little shocked by her surprising costume for the Met Gala 2016, the queen will always be the queen. She was born a proven by her ageless beauty and superstar success since the 1980s. Despite criticism regarding her age, fashion, and musical taste in her latest video ...
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The Deco Haus Fashion Show

Posted by Deco Haus Studio on

Have you caught up with our Deco Haus Instagram? We've had lots of activity lately. In fact, one of our favorite international clients tagged us in several photos this week.

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Rewind: Get Fergie's 1920s Look

Posted by Deco Haus Studio on

Are you ready to get the 1920s look inspired by Fergie's music video A Little Party Never Killed Nobody? This video personified the joy and celebration of the Jazz Age....
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