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Tagged "Style Advice"

Chic Alternatives To The "Black Wig"

Posted by Olivia Morier on

The black-haired bob... it's one of the first things that comes to mind when people think of 1920's hairstyles. Therefore, the "black wig" is what most everyone turns to for any Deco-inspired event. Not anymore...


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Rihanna - The Modern Day Deco Haus Queen

Posted by Deco Haus Studio on


Introducing this week’s Deco Haus Queen of the Week -  the iconic Rihanna.

Following hot in the footsteps of the infamous Josephine Baker, we have her modern day counterpart Rihanna......

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Must-Have Vintage Inspired Fashion Pieces for Your Wardrobe

Posted by Deco Haus Studio on


Achieving that adored chic vintage fashion look is only a click away at The Deco Haus! However, you need to know what those must-have vintage fashion pieces are. We've got you covered, ladies. Head on back to the vintage chic era with these modern day favorites that you just can't style without.....

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5 Reasons Why Vintage-Inspired Fashion Rocks!

Posted by Deco Haus Studio on

DH Infographic
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Top 5 Things To Avoid When Dressing Vintage

Posted by Deco Haus Studio on

This holds true when dressing vintage. Taking it as a style and not as a fashion statement is the ultimate key to carrying off vintage style with poise and elegance......

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