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Tagged "Style"

Chic Alternatives To The "Black Wig"

Posted by Olivia Morier on

The black-haired bob... it's one of the first things that comes to mind when people think of 1920's hairstyles. Therefore, the "black wig" is what most everyone turns to for any Deco-inspired event. Not anymore...


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The Love of Necklace Layering

Posted by Emma Sutton on

Today it is my fashion duty to draw your attention to the limited edition 1920s style necklaces available right now on! These are absolute works of art and believe me, you need to whip these bad boys up right now before they are just a fading memory......

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Matching Day

Posted by Deco Haus Studio on

Everyday we receive questions from our customers on how to mix and match our vintage accessories and dresses in order to achieve a modern chic look....or if we have any recommendations. The answer is 'yes!'....

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The Kimono Jacket Trend

Posted by Deco Haus Studio on

The kimono is a traditional Japanese garment that has been worn for centuries. It is a signature of Japanese culture, though it has been adapted to street fashion nowadays. Not only in Tokyo, but worldwide!....
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Celebrity Vintage Hair Inspo

Posted by Deco Haus Studio on


 Since Taylor Swift broke the internet with one of her greatest hits, 2015's Blank Space, (Tay Tay's Great Gatsby style though!), chopping off one's hair seems not to be so old-fashioned anymore.....

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