We're Loving Bow Headpieces

Lilac hair with a studded bow headpiece and punk flair...Kelly Osbourne pulls off this trend so well! It doesn't matter if you are a preppy or a rocker, this seasonal's must-have piece, the bow headpiece, works with every style.
One of our very favorite bow looks is Blair Waldorf from 'XOXO Gossip Girl'.
Photo Courtesy here
Photo Courtesy here
The combination of the little bow hair piece plus sleek hair is such a signature look of classy British private school students. Super posh!
However, this trend has also shown up on the red carpet, as we can see from Ashley Tisdale when she was starring in 'High School Musical'.
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See, it is not just for preppy girls! This sassy look of Ashley's suits her teenage fashion look perfectly.
The retro look of Carly Rae Jepsen is also one of our favorites.  Her voice is so unique and beautiful.  This black & white headpiece fits her perfectly!  It contrasts with her red hair, while matching the printed top she's wearing. 
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Can we incorporate the bow hairpiece with a romantic vintage look? Yes, we can! As seen on Taylor Swift, she wore The Deco Haus's Crystal Deco Flapper Bow Headband and it looked incredibly gorgeous with her hair and sparkling dress.
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Do you like bow headpieces? 
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